cambridge book review

cbr 3 / spring & summer 1999


car 3 / spring & summer 1999

Daughter! I Forbid Your Recurring Dream!
An excerpt
James Chapman

Esther Clibon

Five poems
From Shrine of the Tooth Fairy
John Lehman

An Award for Elia Kazan
Jan Levine Thal

Commie Dearest
Jan Levine Thal

Glass (pray the electrons back to sand)
James Chapman
Reviewed by Bob Wake

Marcus Gray
Reviewed by Bob Wake

Words for the Taking: The Hunt for a Plagiarist
Neal Bowers
Reviewed by Gay Davidson-Zielske

I Married a Communist
Philip Roth
Reviewed by Jeremy Harrell

The House of Doctor Dee
Peter Ackroyd
Reviewed by Steven E. Alford

A Decent Reed
Bruce Dethlefsen
Reviewed by Matt Welter

The Perfect Day
Andrea Potos
Reviewed by Matt Welter


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