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Cottonbound: An Audio Chapbook

Norma Gay Prewett

I. Knowing that Most Things Break
II. Going All Bonnie on It
III. Burning
IV. Do Thus in Remembrance of Ma
V. Going Bonnie Again
VI. The Holidazz-z-z
VII. Things Too Good to Use
VIII. These Little Lights
IX. Much Better than Being Buried Up to Your Neck in Mud
X. Get Something on that Head
XI. Bill of Lading
XII. Cottonbound
XIII. Wheel of Fortune
XIV. Calling You Back
XV. Afterword


Norma Gay Prewett is also known as Gay Davidson-Zielske in her professional life as an instructor of composition, literature, screenwriting and creative writing at UW-Whitewater. She has written poetry, fiction, dramatic monologues, and reviews for most of her life, published both regionally and nationally, and is co-producer for the radio literary show Mindseye Radio with main producer Kelly Warren for WORT radio (89.9 FM). She is currently at work on a screenplay and is a backyard chicken enthusiast.

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